The network being down can be an extremely frustrating problem for most of us. Whether you want to watch the latest YouTube video, catch up on the latest episode of your favorite series or urgently need to finish work, you’re surely relying on the internet connection.

There’s a number of things that can contribute to a slow internet connection. So before you get too frustrated, take a look at the following list.

Your cables and routers.
Are your cables and routers connected and switched on? If so and the problem persists, it may be that your ISP is performing scheduled maintenance.

Your ISP – Internet Service Provider.
The package and internet service provider (ISP) you’ve chosen will have a huge influence on the way your connection works. Often high traffic and a strained connection will result in lower download and upload speeds causing constant lagging. Make a note of when your internet is at its slowest and when it’s at its fastest. Sometimes ISP’s are quick to sell and slow to maintain. Do a speed test to see how quick the download and upload speeds are.

Your Internet Usage.
Large downloads can slow the connection down exponentially. If you are not manually downloading anything, check to see if your device is doing scheduled updates. This will slow down both your connection and your device.

Your browser cache and history.
Have you checked for adware and spyware? These things run continually in the background and can also slow a connection down quite a bit as they upload information. Clear your history and cache in both your browser and your computer every now and then.