Service providers are in the hundreds, if not thousands already. There are some major names in the business that offer trusted and reliable services. The question is how do you know which one is right? You could spend time and money giving each one a go, but that could mean wasted time and effort down the line. How do you go about singling the best one out of the pack?

We suggest the following:
• Start with your needs. Jot them down. Understand what it is you want and need from your internet connection. For example. Are you going to be using it for online gaming where you will need a stable high-speed connection with a very high or even uncapped bandwidth? Do you have fewer requirements and need something just to send emails and possibly browse other pages while you’re at it?

• What type of internet would you like to purchase? DSL? Cable? Does your chosen service providers offer the type of internet you’d like in your area?

• What are you willing to pay per month? This will, of course, be a huge deciding factor. Be sure to check out ALL extras that are built-in and ask for a quotation that already has vat included. This way you won’t be surprised later on when there are extra costs added to your bill.

• Look at the reviews and ask your friends. Are the reviews in-line with what the company is advertising? If not, don’t be fooled by their marketing cues purposefully put out for you to pick up on.

• What kinds of support does the service provider offer? Try them all out, engage in their online chats, send emails, and call their support lines. Look for something that has excellent service, as well as an excellent deal package.