You might not know it, but your equipment makes a huge difference to your internet speeds. Your device, the kind of operating system it’s running and the kind of apps or software that is running on the device all compound bad internet speeds.

Older devices
An older computer running an operating system that has not been updated or one that is not suited to the computer hardware is at risk of not running effectively. This will result in slower device speeds. As time goes on, your device stores files such as log files in its cache. Keep your system clean and running smoothly. Check for viruses as well and be sure to keep an eye out for malware and spyware.

If your browser hasn’t been updated in quite some time, it may be time to do so. Also, it’s important to keep your browser’s cache and history clean. This can certainly slow down internet speeds by a whole lot. The latest browsers are also quite heavy and offer a lot of extensions. Make sure to check your add-ons and extensions. Are there any that you did not install and that you won’t need? If so, uninstall and delete them.

Modems and routers
Old modems and routers are likely not capable of dealing with higher internet speeds. If you’re looking for the highest internet speed, you’ll have to consider investing in a newer modem or router. Have a professional help you decide what will be best for your needs.

If you have the latest equipment, try doing a speed test and contacting your service provider for more details about their speeds.